The Bluestone Sessions

The Bluestone Sessions

Acoustic Recording Sessions

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The Challenge

2 Artists / 8 Songs / Epic Results.

In 2017, the plan for a one-of-a-kind acoustic session came together and featured former Staind frontman Aaron Lewis along with country-folk artist Drake White singing their hearts out in a stone cathedral called The Bluestone. Within the age-old walls of this 115-year-old church, this venue was the perfect place to record intimate sessions with two of country music’s most expressive artists.


Post Production / Audio Engineering

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Columbus, OH

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The Bluestone Sessions - On YouTube

Project Tools

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My Involvement

YouTube Silver Creator Award - For 100k+ Subscribers

Video Editor & Audio Engineer

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We hired a separate production team for this occasion and I was solely responsible for editing the footage that was shot and mastering the audio that was recorded during this multi-day recording session. A new task to me, I tackled it head-on with a thirst for learning something new and growing my skillset. Before this, I hadn’t been accustomed to editing live performances, let alone acoustic music.

Today, these are the most-watched videos on the Country Rebel YouTube channel, have amassed over 40 million views, and made well over $500K in revenue for the company. On top of that, it was this session that earned us a Silver YouTube Creator Award for growing beyond 100K subscribers.