The Church Sessions

The Church Sessions

Acoustic Recording Sessions

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The Challenge

32 Artists / 4 Days / 1 Historic Location.

Country Rebel welcomed 32 of the most promising and talented country music artists to the century-old Nashville Vineyard Church to record some of the most stunning acoustic footage the company has ever seen. Filmed during the annual Country Radio Seminar Week in Nashville, a small and nimble team of highly-skilled videographers and sound technicians were able to capture more than 100 individual songs over those four days.


Direction / Pre Production / Post Production

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Nashville, TN

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The Church Sessions - On YouTube

Project Tools

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My Involvement

Session Producer

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As the Session Producer, I worked with company leadership to create a budget and handled all administrative aspects of the production - from hiring our production crew to coordinating the purchase or rental of all of the necessary equipment.


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Taking the role of director came naturally to me. Not only was I responsible for every piece of the set, camera equipment, lighting, and data ingestion during the production.

Audio Engineer

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I also absorbed the duties of the on-set audio engineer. That involved setting up and breaking down microphone placement for each group of artists and ensuring their session was recorded without issue.

Director of Post-Production

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Within post-production, I supervised two separate editors to maintain our high standards and commitment to quality for all deliverables. While supervising, I also prepared the content and YouTube channel for the future launch. Each video was an integral and time-sensitive part of our overall outward marketing push.

This work held elements of project management, quality assurance, and skilled communication while working with talent management contacts.